About us

Electron has a 26 megawatt generation capacity.  
This output is enough to power 20,000 households.

Renewable Energy Production

The Electron Project was constructed over a period of eighteen months and first went into operation in April of 1904.  Electron Hydro is currently embarking on a multi-year long modernization of the facility in order to reach full generation capability.  Improvements to the facility would include:

  • The addition of fish screen at the intake. The addition of an eco-friendly fish screen at the headworks is a top priority.  The screen would enhance downstream migration for fish in the Puyallup River.  It would also reduce the amount of sediment that enters the project, thus increasing the longevity of the facility.

  • Rebuilding the flume.  Electron Hydro plans to reconstruct the walls and floor of the flume, as well as the support beams beneath it.  

  • Upgrades to the powerhouse, including the replacement of the existing turbines.  New turbines would allow the facility to generate energy at its full potential without impact to the environment.

  • Automation of the facility.  By computerizing Electron, the nuanced aspects of the project can be monitored and controlled in an instant if needed.  The Powerhouse Team has already begun this process, which will maximize the efficiency of the entire facility. 

These improvements will provide for the production of clean energy in the twenty-first century, environmental enhancement, and the continuation of a historic legacy.

Plans for Modernization

Hidden away at the base of Mount Rainier, the Electron Hydroelectric Project diverts water from the Puyallup River into a ten mile long wooden flume.  The water then empties into a reservoir, travels down four penstocks, and into a powerhouse.